Privacy Please App

App Name: Privacy Please | Platforms: Android and iOS | Company: CSC Software Technologies Inc.

This is a Photo App Tool we developed for iPhone and Android devices. Privacy Please is a photo app tool that allows you to take a picture, blur, blackout, crop, & share parts or all of an image. Some people don’t want their picture on the Internet so this feature would work well for social media. The user can blackout or blur part of the photo, then save and share it on Facebook or Email. This Photo App tool is like Photoshop but comes with a camera and drawing tool. You can upload an existing photo or snap a picture with your camera tool. With the drawing tool, you can blur or blackout objects in the image.

Off the Books App

App Name: Off the Books | Platforms: iPhone, Android & Blackberry | Company: Valera Apps Inc.

This is a Spreadsheet Application we developed for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Off the Books is a spreadsheet tool by Valera Apps Inc., like excel for small business users who want to input profit margin, cashflow, accounts payable and calculate other data on the application.

Click and Move App

App Name: Click and Move | Platforms: Android | Company: Highland Moving & Storage Ltd.

Click and Move App is the world’s easiest way to get competitive moving quotes. One entry-multiple moving estimates. Now you can easily do your own furniture inventory online and submit to multiple movers for bids. Whether you need a small local mover or a national van line, you are assured of competitive rates AND reliable moving services. CLICK.and.MOVE, one inventory, multiple quotes.

Text N Tease SMS App

App Name: Text N Tease | Platforms: iOS & Android | Company: Crazy Penguins Ltd.

We developed the Text N Tease app for 4 Crazy Penguins Ltd. This app allows the user to send/share funny emoticons with your friends. Use this SMS app and you can also share to Social Media like Instagram or Email the emoticon to a friend.

Client Keeper App

App Name: Client Keeper | Platforms: Hybrid | Company: Tima Hayek

Client Keeper keeps all your clients and their service updates in the palm of your hand. Separates your personal life from your business life, Client Keeper will enable you to take notes, keep a tab on your client relationships, and deliver consistent results. All while keeping in touch with your clients through our mass text and email options allowing you to effortlessly bring in repeat clients and increase YOUR profits.

Visit the Google Play store.

Contractor iPad App

App Name: Contractor iPad App | Platforms: iPad | Company: Parabola Developments

This iPad app was developed for Parabola Developments Ltd. This is a contractor app where the client can add jobs, add his own clients, calculate labour & materials, snap site photos, store receipts, print invoices & quotes, and calculate profit and loss. It also has a camera tool so that the user can snap a photo of the receipts at the hardware store so that they can keep track of what they are spending on a client.


FabChat App

App Name: FabChat App | Platforms: Hybrid | Companies: 1152557 AB LTD & Jovillar Ebeling Corporation

FabChat app is an online community that allows users to help one another decide what outfit(s) look great on them before buying them. The key to using this app is to be present at your favorite clothing store, select a few great outfits, and take a selfie of the outfits you are trying on in the change room. When ready, you can upload your selfies and the online community can either thumbs up (Fab It!) or thumbs down (Faux It!). There is a Comments area so you can understand why a certain outfit looks great or not. It's up to the users to comment or not.


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